DJ Lessons (Melissa)
DJ Lessons (Melissa)

DJ Lessons with Want2DJ are perfect for anyone looking to …

  1. Learn to DJ Professionally or a hobby
  2. Get back into DJing and learn a new setup
  3. Improve mixing skills and feel more confident

Whether you are an absolute beginner, self-taught or used to DJ back in the day.  I absolutely love working with DJs of all experience levels, ages and backgrounds and I am committed to helping you achieve your DJ goal(s). 

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What can I expect from online DJ Lessons with Want2DJ?

If you have your own decks, I can help you…

  1. improve your skills and feel confident behind the decks
  2. get everything set up and working properly, or check what you have bought is good enough for what you’re looking for.

In your first session, we will discuss some of the challenges you’ve encountered and establish your skills and confidence levels in relation to where you want to be. We will then create a plan for each lesson thereafter.  How many sessions is impossible to know before we’ve had a chance to work together. You might benefit from one or two 2hr sessions or regular sessions on a weekly, fortnight or monthly basis.  

No matter what resources you have learned from, I can help fill in any missing blanks and give your mixing structure. Whatever your DJ goal, experience and background, I can help you achieve a professional standard of mixing. One that you will be able to perform consistently every time.  am 100% committed to helping you get your skills to a level you are happy with.  Possibly even help you secure and work towards a paid opportunity! 

If you don’t have any DJ Equipment or music… don’t worry as we have everything you need to help you work out what to buy, how much you can expect to pay and where to buy them.   Our DJ Taster Session is one of the more cost effective ways to explore different hardware brands and software platforms. This can help fast-track your DJ journey to finding the right setup for you.  

Whether online or in the studio, you’ll leave your very first session knowing categorically if being a DJ is something you’d like to persue. You’ll even have a clearer idea of the kind of goal you’d like to work towards.  All of which when you are ready to make your next purchase, you can do so with ease and with confidence.  Something that not only fits your budget, but also matches your workflow and DJ style. 

Whether you’re looking to try a Digital platform, CD or Turntables. Imagine walking into your very own DJ Booth and playing on some awesome DJ kit and exploring some of the most popular DJ Software. We’ll even have some of your favourite songs ready for your first visit to the studio.  Whatever music you like, music choices have been eclectic to say the least. What do you love to listen to and play and get excited by listening to? Where would you love to play it and who for?  I can’t wait to find out more about you and your ideas and look forward to helping you to create a mix you can feel proud performing again and again.

Book your first session today…

Email us with your full name, DOB and contact details, what brought you here…

It would also be really helpful to know the following:-

  1. Any DJ experience to date (if applicable)?
  2. If you own any DJ Equipment, use any DJ Software?
  3. Your general availability
  4. What you’d most like to achieve?

As per government guidelines, DJ Lessons and Taster Sessions are currently only available virtually via telephone/video call.  Don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy, all will be explained and we will help to guide you every step of the way!

Of course you can wait until we re-open. But if you’d rather not wait, then get in touch today by emailing us at as we can help you to progress virtually!   

If however, you’d prefer to wait until we re-open and be notified of possible dates, please complete the relevant booking form.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

How much do lessons cost?

    • 1hr = £30
    • 1.5hrs = £45 
    • 2hrs = £55


Online session times are currently:-

  • Tues/Weds [4PM, 6PM, 7:30PM]
  • Saturday [10:30AM, 1:30PM]

Why Want2DJ?

  • All kinds of DJ’s, any age, all experience levels, all music styles
  • Tuition, advice and support on all major brands of DJ equipment
  • Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or adhoc to suit any schedule

Whether you are starting from scratch, wish to get to the next level or understand what your equipment can do.  Its not just new skills and techniques you will acquire. We can help you with most technical aspects of your DJ Hardware and Software including your laptop and music library.

We can provide as much or as little support, guidance and advice you need. Such as help with…

  • What equipment to buy + where to purchase + how to set it up
  • Where to buy DJ music and how to organise your collection
  • Importing/analysing your collection, tracks and/or folders
  • How to protect your Music Library (Backup & Restore)
  • Moving your music library databases to a hard drive or new laptop.
  • Software and IT support, advice & guidance

Book your session today…

If you are happy with what you are looking for, then please click one of the following links:-

If however you would like to chat first, feel free to call us on 01709 262005 or email us with your full name, DOB and contact details. Bookings are confirmed via email upon receipt of payment and consent form submitted.

To find out more, check out our reviews page or frequently asked questions

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3 weeks ago

Live tonight 7:30pm on Mixcloud & Facebook (DJ Michelle page) Please share with anyone who would like to join us for a free online party! 🎶🎧🎶See who sees this... So last Saturday, I had my first attempt at multi-streaming. Views we achieved were Mixcloud (303), Periscope (17), Twitch (5) & Facebook (0) seems no one could see me🙈 with my personal page included in the $15 Restream upgrade per month I can’t justify upgrading again $40 just to be able to Restream to the FB Group or Business page. So I’m sticking with Mixcloud and will attempt to stream separately here with a spare mobile device. Downside for fb viewers is the audio won’t be as good and stream not guaranteed to stay live. So for as long as Facebook allows, try starting a watch video... If you don’t want to risk quality audio and video then get yourself setup on Mixcloud and make sure you hit follow and turn on your notifications so you don’t miss out! X ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago

Afternoon all... quick update about my stream tonight...hoping to be multi-streaming on Mixcloud, Twitch, Facebook (Personal Page) and YouTube (DJ Michelle) from 7:30PM. To avoid the stream being muted, join us on Mixcloud! In case you get in early, I'm hoping to run a little video promo I made earlier... As always you can tune in, chat and share via your TV, Desktop, Laptop, Phone or mobile device. Looking forward to seeing you and playing your requests from 7:30PM. Please help us to spread the love by sharing this link or click on share as soon as the stream goes live!!! All links available on 😍🎧🎶💃🕺🎶🎧😍 ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

If you would like to get started as a DJ. I am looking for individuals who would be willing to try a free online group session? All you need is solid internet connection, a laptop or computer with sound and a microphone for a video call. If you are interested, please pm me with your name, email address and telephone number to 🎶🎧🎶 ... See MoreSee Less

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Find us online also on FacebookInstagramTwitter and/or YouTube channel. There you will be able to find out the latest progress of our students past and present.

Thanks for visiting our page. We hope you were able to navigate around the site easily enough and find what you were looking for.

See you soon.

Michelle x