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Whether you have been wanting to get your decks out and throw a party for your mates or brush up on your skills and play out… Mischemix Academy can help!

What can I expect with 1:1 Lessons?

  • Learn to mix consistently on Rekordbox DJ, Serato DJ Lite, Serato DJ Pro & Virtual DJ
  • Create, Record, Upload and Livestream with more of the music you love

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Whatever challenge or barriers you face, we will work together to help you reach a level that you’re happy with. Bring your Controller, Laptop/Mac, headphones and Music to the studio and one by one we will eradicate the barriers that may be stopping you from succeeding. Working 1:1 will ensure that you get exactly what you need to succeed and thrive.

We are super excited to welcome you to the studio and can’t wait to share our wealth of professional experience, knowledge and insights from decades of working in Bars, Clubs, Cruise Ships and Mobile DJ Business.

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Let us introduce you to some of the DJ’s we’ve thoroughly enjoyed worked with 1:1.


Club DJ MELISSA AKA ‘Melly D’ (39) = DJ Goal: DJ at her own Wedding.  After receiving a Gift Voucher for Christmas. Melissa’s goal was to create a DJ set for her Wedding Rave. 90 mins of classic Dubstep, Drum & Bass and House anthems. She performed her set to a live audience of 100 people for the first time in June 2019. Everyone loved it and was dancing for the whole 90 mins!! Not only did she achieve her DJ goal, as a result, she was invited to join a Female DJ collective in Sheffield and now performs and uploads her mixes regularly!!!

In her own words….I can’t thank Michelle enough for all of her help, I’ve had so much fun running ideas by her and being shown how to put my ideas in to practice. Michelle puts you at ease and gives you the space to find your way in the DJ world… I love my sessions with her.

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Ash is a Multi-Genre DJ based in Sheffield whose DJ Venture started as a teen, exploring with Virtual DJ but it was only after listening to music all day long driving with work in 2017, that he wanted to take up mixing again. After trying out his housemates’ Numark N4 Controller and watching several YouTube Videos. On meeting Michelle, realised the bit he was missing was that he didn’t understand music.

In his own words… Michelle got me off mixing and just gave me tips and pointers, and we repeated things until I got it right. She’s very patient and very knowledgeable, I’d go away and practice things at home until my mixes were consistent and I was happy. Having got my DJ sets to online radio, I craved playing to a crowd and secured numerous residencies at Coco Lounge Bar Sheffield, The Furnace, Hull Cheese, and Monk Bar to name a few. In 2021 I put together my own day festival at The Station Pub in Kiveton Park called Ibiza Fest 2021. This was a massive success, and after this, I continued working bars before joining Bulan Nightclub in Matlock as a Resident DJ. I’ve since been interviewed about my journey as a DJ, which wouldn’t have begun without Michelle. With her help, I improved my mixing skills and learned about the art of mixing, and different types of DJ Equipment. Michelle gave me confidence as a DJ, which got me out of the bedroom and playing to audiences.

Self-taught DJ, Kyle had some experience with CDJ’s and Rekordbox and was looking for someone to help him learn how to mix longer blends, tips and tricks and mixing different genres.

In Kyle’s own words… Michelle was fantastic at helping me piece together my confidence. Being self-taught I just needed that little bit of confidence to reaffirm that my taught skills were up to scratch “no pun intended” and they were. Michelle offered a range of insights into multi-genre mixing and provided different platforms and equipment to practice on. I came away with the confidence not only just to go it alone, but to express myself when behind the decks and to try new things or new equipment.


Hobbyist DJ EMILY (21) – Emily came to us to learn to beatmatch with her DDJ-400 and Rekordbox DJ Software. Emily not only picked up the basics of her controller and software as a traditional DJ, but her love for music and learning also lead her to open the door to creating her own mashups and DJ Edits!

In her own words… “The world of DJing is a highly male dominated industry where females only account for 4% of the demand globally. Being passionate for female empowerment myself, working with Michelle is refreshing and motivating because not only is it admirable she succeeded as a professional DJ herself, but she is also keen to pave the way and make things as smooth as possible for other females wanting to get stuck in the industry. Michelle has grown my knowledge more than I could imagine and is always keen to ensure I get the most out of every session. No question is ever too big or too small for Michelle, she is a great teacher with a calm, easy going approach which makes the environment comfortable which is key to learning! Working with Michelle has been the best decision I could’ve made to pursuit my passion for music and DJing, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone, male or female wanting to get started or get back into DJing.”