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Online Group Taster Session

My friends and I received taster sessions with DJ Michelle during lockdown.  I had no previous DJ knowledge and Michelle gave a great insight into this.  After various technical problems, which Michelle sorted out with so much patience, we grasped the basics.  Michelle instils so much confidence and enthusiasm, providing visual aides to assist us in understanding the topics being discussed. She is a great teacher and gave in-depth information on the controllers to use and what additional equipment was also required. Michelle also shared her experiences with us, which is of great use to us going forward.  She is an inspiration. Suzy xx

Online 1:1 Taster Session

I received a 90 minute taster session with DJ Michelle as a birthday gift which was an awesome present, and came to the online session with a basic understanding of the structure of music through dance experience but no DJ knowledge at all.

After some minor teething problems with camera angles and sound, the online session worked fantastically with DJ Michelle teaching the basics of the visuals on the screen and how to work the controllers. DJ Michelle guided me through the different types of software and controllers, the different functions and a beginner taste of how to blend one track into the next.

The session was immense fun and very informative.
DJ Michelle’s passion comes across as she shares her own experience as well as explaining the technical side of the software packages in detail without overcomplicating things. This was a present for my 50th birthday so it’s never too late to learn! I definitely want to continue my learning and hopefully get to practice with a controller when social restrictions are lifted. Karen xx