What our DJs say

Welcome to the story of some of our DJs and insights to their journey. What they were hoping for and what they achieved with 1:1 Lessons with Michelle.


EMILY (21) – Goal – Improve skills and learn to beatmatch – Emily came to us via our online sessions during lockdown with her DDJ-400 and Rekordbox DJ Software. Once she had picked up the basics and software preferences, Emily’s love for music and learning has taken her skills from traditional DJing to being one of the first students to explore music production and Ableton Live in order to create her own mashups and DJ Edits!

In her own words… “The world of DJing is a highly male dominated industry where females only account for 4% of the demand globally. Being passionate for female empowerment myself, working with Michelle is refreshing and motivating because not only is it admirable she succeeded as a professional DJ herself, but she is also keen to pave the way and make things as smooth as possible for other females wanting to get stuck in the industry. Michelle has grown my knowledge more than I could imagine and is always keen to ensure I get the most out of every session. No question is ever too big or too small for Michelle, she is a great teacher with a calm, easy going approach which makes the environment comfortable which is key to learning! Working with Michelle has been the best decision I could’ve made to pursuit my passion for music and DJing, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone, male or female wanting to get started or get back into DJing.”


BRADLEY AKA DJ Jonesy (21) – Goal = Learn to DJ from scratch. Bradley joined us aged 21 with an incredible passion for dance music and festivals. After deciding upon Serato DJ Pro as his choice of Software and the Numark Mixtrack Platinum Controller, Bradley learned the basics. Didn’t taken him long to pick up some of the advanced mixing techniques where he surprised everyone with his absolute precision of the jog wheels. Bradley has gone from bedroom DJ to livestreaming and building an audience on Mixcloud, Where he regularly uploads content to Mixcloud. That we were over the moon and extremely proud to see his mixes have started to chart on Mixcloud! Way to go Brad!!

In his own words… “When I first started I had no experience of Dj’ing only a love for dance music.  I did not have any idea of how to put together a set or mix music, but over the past 2 years I learned how to do this and my skills and confidence have grown to a point where I can just got up on the decks and play a 1hr set for my friends.  I’m regularly asked to DJ for parties held by the company who give me my support as I have a condition called cerebral palsy and need a little help with my day-to-day life. I really enjoy my time with Michelle and she has helped me develop my skills lots, for someone who had no experience to someone who now has his mixes charting on Mixcloud it’s been an incredible journey.  I am really proud of what I have achieved in the past 2 years and was only possible with the help and tutoring of Michelle.”

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ESME (8)Goal = DJ at her own birthday party Aged 8yrs on CD. Junior student Esme completed a Taster session in preparation for her 20-minute solo performance at her 8th birthday party. With the success of her first performance, we planned her a longer set for her next.  One of Esme’s School Teachers was present and booked Esme to DJ for the school Christmas disco. More bookings followed from her own school, local Infants, local Pub and many private parties to the Play Stage at annual show BPM 2021. Where she will be performing again only this time back to back with Michelle at BPM 2022! To see a short video of Esme on the microphone aged 10yrs, click here.

In her Dad’s own words…Esme wanted to start DJing at the age of 5 years old. Esme had a taster lesson, with Michelle, the day before her 8th birthday and performed some transitions at her birthday and got the bug straight away. She wanted to start with learning to beat match and mix with CDs. Once she mastered the CDs, we decided to digitise her collection and now Esme has learned to use the digital controllers and the wide range of samples and hot queues available to her. Her confidence has grown and her music knowledge has been expanded greatly from 1950’s to present day hits. Michelle asked what Esme would like to get out of the lessons and tailored the lessons to suit Esme’s wishes. Michelle is great at getting the best out of people and listens to Esme and answers any queries Esme has by discussing the issue, demonstrating it and assuring Esme with practicing until she is confident in the mixing.


Ian (60) – Goal = Learn all about his new controller and learn to beatmatch. Already a Professional Mobile DJ using Virtual DJ, Ian had always wanted to learn the club side of DJing and beatmatch like a pro. Not only has he got more out of Virtual DJ he has also learned about Rekordbox and organised his collection in a way that works for his DJ style and workflow. Where his abilities, confidence and DJ sets just go from strength to strength. So imagine our delight when he reported that he’d been incorporating his new found talents into his live sets. We were thrilled to hear the feedback for his mixing and show that his audiences just can’t seem to get enough of Ian. Since then Ian has been been enjoying back to back sets with Michelle ever since. Very well done Ian!!

In his own words… My journey started with Michelle when I purchased a Denon MC7000 Controller from full-volume in Sheffield, I asked the owner Chris Woodruff if he knew anyone who could teach me to use it properly instead of just the basic functions, he recommended Michelle at Want2DJ, now Mischemix Academy, Michelle has brought me on so much and I look forward to every lesson, and what she has taught me is now being reflected in my set’s, If there’s anything you’re not sure of Michelle is always willing to give advice, Michelle will guide you in the right direction always, Michelle has taught me so much I would recommend her to anyone


MELISSA AKA ‘Melly D’ (39) = Goal: DJ at her own Wedding.  After receiving a Gift Voucher for Christmas. Melissa’s goal was to create a DJ set for her Wedding Rave. 90 mins of classic Dubstep, Drum & Bass and House anthems. She performed her set to a live audience of 100 people for the first time in June 2019. Everyone loved it and was dancing for the whole 90 mins!! Not only did she achieve her DJ goal, as a result, she was invited to join a Female DJ collective in Sheffield and regularly performs live and uploads her mixes!!!

In her own words….I can’t thank Michelle enough for all of her help, I’ve had so much fun running ideas by her and being shown how to put my ideas in to practice. Michelle puts you at ease and gives you the space to find your way in the DJ world… I love my sessions with her.

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JAMES AKA ‘DJ Daycee’ (23) Goal: To be a Professional DJ.  James found us days before the annual BPM DJ show. Having been offered free tickets to the show, he not only saved on his new Pioneer DDJ-1000 controller, Headphones and Speakers. Four months into his Rekordbox DJ Training he began demonstrating his technical abilities to his colleagues at the Nightclub he worked. After a few successful nights, was offered the role of Clubland Warm-Up DJ for the North of England. Well done James, great job!

In his own words… I’ve had a fair few lessons with Want2DJ now and it’s like turning up to a friends place and playing a set back to back, the lessons are fun and enjoyable no matter what your skill level. Whether I’m playing on my controller or Michelle’s CDJ’s when I leave I feel confident that when I play my next set at a venue it will be better than the last. Michelle puts her students at ease, and instantly grasps what level you are at. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a veteran wanting to get rid of your bad habits. Michelle pushes you on to be the best you can be offering honest helpful advice.”

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AMELIA (11) = DJ Goal: Learn to DJ from scratch.  After receiving her Gift Voucher, Amelia learned over 12 sessions all she needed on Virtual DJ and her Numark Partymix Controller, to perform in front of her first ever live audience for her Dad’s Birthday Party in May 2019. Not only did her DJ set go down really well and she had an absolute ball. Amelia was the warm up DJ for BBC Radio One & Radio 2 DJ ‘Trevor Nelson’ and got to share the stage with Paloma Faith. This very talented young DJ really is really going places and living the dream! Since then has gone on to experiment with Serato DJ Lite. To watch Amelia’s prep for the big event, click here.

In her own words… “Throughout my time with Michelle, I had a lot of fun. She taught me all about DJ’ing and made me more confident performing in front of people when I needed it. She helped me a lot with my dad’s 50th birthday party and also my year 6 leaver’s party. Overall she is an amazing teacher and I would definitely recommend her.”


LUIS (9) = DJ Goal: Learn to DJ from scratch.  Luis’ enthusiasm from day one enabled him to progress very quickly on Virtual DJ and his Numark Partymix Controller.  9 months following his first lesson, he surprised all his friends when he entertained over 20 children for their Year 6 Leavers Disco on the last day of school in July 2018. And what a fabulous job he did too!  With lots of excitement and non-stop dancing from the children, praise from all the staff and a couple of further bookings for the next few months, Luis has done incredibly well in such a short space of time. To see Luis in action, click here.

In his Dad’s own words… “Luis started DJ lessons with Michelle at Want2DJ when he was 8 years old from being an absolute novice to being able to DJ at his own primary school leavers disco. From never picking up a microphone and not having the confidence to try talking then being able to interact with the crowd is brilliant. It’s not just the skills behind the decks that Michelle has helped him with but also his confidence to be able to Stand up in front of people and DJ.”