DJ Equipment + Music

Welcome to our music and equipment recommendations page. Here we list popular brands, models and providers. And give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.

DJ Controllers

Don’t forget to look at a carry case for your controller… 

DJ Headphones

Speakers (Bedroom)

External Hard Drives

LaCie 1 TB Rugged Mini USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 Inch Shock, Drop and Crush Resistant External Hard Drive for PC and Mac (Firewire, USB-3 or USB-C) £71

DJ Stores



  • Promo Only Chart Audio (UK Top 40, Latin, Urban, Modern Rock, Country) [MP3] £15/mth* 
  • Xtendamix (1950’s to 2010s all genres & languages) [MP3+MP4] from £30/Mth (taken quarterly)*
  • MastermixDJ (DJ Beats Chart [MP3] £7.50/mth + DJ Beats [MP3] £10/mth)
  • *Exclusive offers for Want2DJ students. 


  • DJCity (Radio and club-ready versions of the hottest tracks. Clean, dirty, acapella and instrumental files are also available for many releases) [MP3] £20/Mth (taken quarterly)
  • The Mashup Commercial, Urban + Club Releases (Exclusive Producers) [MP3] £20/Mth
  • BPM Supreme (Exclusive Remixes, HipHop & RnB, EDM, EDM Remixes, Pop/Mainstream, Rock/Alternative, Country, Reggae/Dancehall [MP3 or MP4] £19.99/Mth
  • CD Pool (Mobile, Club + Chart CD/MP3 Downloadable Packs) from £12.95/Mth*
  • *Exclusive offers for Want2DJ students. 

 DJ Licences

  • The ProDub licence
    DJs performing mixes they’ve burned onto a digital device will need a Pro Dub licence.  The licence provides permission from the copyright holders of both the musical works (via MCPS) and sound recordings (via PPL) to individuals who wish to dub (copy) music that they privately own onto formats for the specific purpose of using these copies in their professional working capacity ie. a DJ set or fitness class.It includes:

    • Copyright in the musical work (MCPS)
    • Copyright in the sound recording (PPL)
    • VAT
    • Permission to copy your legally-purchased music onto any other format
    • A tiered, flexible online payment system with costs dependent on how many tracks are copied within a one year time frame
    • ProDub – Year one/level one tier starts at £212.77 (+VAT) to copy up to 5,000 tracks*
    • You only pay once for the tracks you copy

Public Liability & Equipment Insurance

Mobile DJ Network £39.99/Yr

DJ Guard

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